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Introduction & announcements


info A FEBS-sponsored Education Workshop, "Excellence in Learning and Teaching Biochemistry", will be held in Rome (Italy) on 16-17 September 2019.

info Education sessions will be part of the FEBS Congress in Krakow (Poland) on 6-11 July 2019.

info A FEBS Education Workshop on Molecular Life Sciences will be held in Tbilisi (Georgia) on 8-9 April 2019.

pdf Report on FEBS Education activities during 2018, in the Nov. issue of FEBS News.

infoYou are invited to visit and participate in the Educator Channel of the recently created FEBS Network

The FEBS Education Committee has the mission of promoting education of the highest quality in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Europe at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

In order to fulfill this important objective:

  • We encourage the development of innovative teaching methods.
  • We disseminate advice on educational resources.
  • We arrange at least one education event at each FEBS Congress.
  • We arrange other educational events such as workshops on educational issues in FEBS member countries on request (see map)

FEBS Ambassadors on Education

FEBS Education Committee has created the group of FEBS Ambassadors on Education, Constituent societies have nominated their ambassador to participate in joint development of education-related initiatives. More information.

Awards, prizes and mentions

  • 2015 "Best Poster on Education" in the 40th FEBS Congress, Berlin: "Developing scientific writing and integrating feedback for undergraduate biomedical students through mimicking the professional journal article review process" by J.A. Tanner (Univ. of Hong Kong)
  • 2014 "Best Poster on Education" in the 39th FEBS Congress, Paris: "Multidisciplinary biochemistry laboratory education; student centered real learning process" by A.S. Dincel, Y. Ozkan, M. Selvi, F. Erkoc (Gazi Univ.)
  • 2014 "50 Years of FEBS Education Training Award": Ines Heiland (Tromso Univ.) and Eva Margittai (Semmelweis Univ.) - Information

Workshops, courses and associated materials

Map with locations of all activities held: map

  • Workshops and Courses organised together with FEBS Constituent Societies. (See section below)
  • Education events during the FEBS Congresses. (See section below)

Information to Societies interested in hosting a FEBS education workshop:info


FEBS workshop on molecular life sciences education “Towards a blended integrated learning: ideas for science instruction” (Tbilisi, Georgia; 8-9 April 2019), organized by FEBS Education Committee with Ilia State University info


Education workshop on molecular life sciences (Patras, Greece; 3 October 2018), supported by FEBS Education Committee on the Ambassadors for Education funding scheme info

Research and Career Skills Workshop for Young Scientists (Izmir, Turkey; 7 Sept. 2018) organized by FEBS Education Committe with support from IUBMB. info

FEBS Workshop on Molecular Life Sciences Education (Izmir, Turkey; 5-6 Sept. 2018) info

FEBS Education Workshop (Zagreb, Croatia; 4-5 April 2018)info

3rd Education Workshop joint between FEBS and Biochemical Society UK (Chester, UK; 12-13 April 2018)info


FEBS Education Workshop (Sofia, Bulgaria; 17 Nov. 2017)info

FEBS Education Workshop (Kaunas, Lithuania; 26-27 June 2017) info

2nd FEBS “Ambassadors on Education” Meeting (Paris, France; 7-8 April 2017) info


FEBS Workshop on Molecular Life Science Education (Riga, Latvia; 24-25 November 2016) info

1st FEBS “Ambassadors on Education” Meeting (Prague, Czechia; 8-9 April 2016) info


FEBS education workshop (Athens, Greece; 8–9 October)info

FEBS+IUBMB workshop on molecular life sciences education (Oslo, Norway; 18–19 September)info

FEBS workshop on molecular life sciences education (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 3–4 September)info

2nd FEBS–Biochemical Society education workshop: Enhancing molecular bioscience education (Cambridge, UK; 30–31 March)info


FEBS workshop on molecular bioscience education (Belgrade, Serbia; 18–19 September)info

FEBS workshop on molecular bioscience education (Debrecen, Hungary; 24–25 August)info

Joint symposium on PhD training in clinical chemistry, clinical biochemistry and laboratory medicine (Istanbul, Turkey; 25 June)info


FEBS workshop on molecular life sciences education (Sofia, Bulgaria; 22 November)info

FEBS workshop on molecular life sciences education (Tbilisi, Georgia; 8–9 October)info

FEBS education workshop on Teaching molecular evolution (Gdansk, Poland; 13–14 July)info


1st FEBS–Biochemical Society education workshop: Innovations in molecular bioscience education (Cambridge, UK)info In memory of Ed Wood (1941-2008)

FEBS workshop on biochemistry and molecular biology education (Yerevan, Armenia)info

FEBS workshop on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (Izmir, Turkey)info


FEBS workshop: Biochemistry education (Ljubljana, Slovenia)info

FEBS workshop: Biochemistry and molecular biology education (Smolenice, Slovakia)info

FEBS workshop: Problem-based learning (Tallinn, Estonia)info


FEBS workshop: Education in biochemistry and molecular biology (Opatija, Croatia)info

FEBS education workshop (Athens, Greece)info


FEBS education workshop (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)info


FEBS education workshop (Sofia, Bulgaria)info

Events within FEBS Congresses

Map with locations of all events: map

2019 Krakow

  • FEBS/IUBMB Special session on Education 1 – Creative teaching: Effective learning in life sciences education (8 July)
  • FEBS Research and Career Skills Workshop – Networking (9 July)
  • FEBS/IUBMB Special session on Education 2 – (9 July)
  • FEBS Special Session on Research and Career Skills (10 July)
  • Poster session – Biochemical Education


2018 Prague

  • Special session on Education – Bioethics education in molecular life sciences (9 July)
  • Workshop – Developing case studies in bioethics (9 July)
  • Special session on Research and Career Skills – How to improve the value and impact of your scientific papers in molecular life sciences (11 July)
  • Workshop – Networking (11 July)
  • Poster session – Biochemical Education
  • Speed talks – Selected topics in education


2017 Jerusalem

  • Special session – Practicals in Molecular Life Sciences Education (11 Sept.)
    • includes an Opening Lecture by Bruce Alberts
  • Workshop – Practicals: Useful Tips (11 Sept.)
  • Poster session – Education, Training, and Career Planning in Molecular Life Sciences


2017 Rehovot

"New Horizons in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Education",
an IUBMB+FEBS joint conference on education (6-8 Sept.)


2016 Ephesus / Kuşadası

  • Unfortunately this congress had to be cancelled. However, communications will be published in the abstracts book online.


2015 Berlin

  • Special session/workshop: Research in undergraduate education (7 July)
  • Poster session: Education, training, and career planning in molecular life sciences


2014 Paris

  • What skills and knowledge are required to improve molecular life science education?
  • New technologies available to teach molecular life sciences.
  • Poster session on education. Prize for best education poster.


2013 St. Petersburg

  • Symposium: The Bologna process – Towards the European Higher Education Area: discussing the pros and cons.
  • Workshop on Molecular life sciences education for the needs of the industry.
  • CV Clinics.
  • Poster session: Education in biochemistry and molecular biology.


2012 Seville

  • Symposia on education:
    • Science in school: biodiversity and evolution.
    • Teaching molecular evolution: a unifying principle of biochemistry.
    • Research into effective teaching strategies: what biochemistry is learning from other sciences.
  • CV Clinics.
  • Poster communications on biochemical education.


2011 Turin

  • PhD training in Europe: Where are we heading?
  • Integrating molecular bioscience education with medical training.
  • CV Clinics.

2010 Gothenburg

  • The researching, teaching and learning triangle at universities: unite or divide? (Research in undergraduate education)
  • Research-oriented education at high schools.
  • Workshop on Practical systems biology - an introduction to mapping and modelling of cellular signal transduction.
  • CV Clinics.

2009 Prague

  • Workshop on Teaching systems biology.
  • Workshop on Ethics education.
  • CV Clinics.


2008 Athens

  • Workshop on eLearning.
  • Symposium on Postgraduate training.
  • CV Clinics.

2007 Vienna

  • Symposium on How to go from biochemistry research to commercial biotechnology.
  • CV Clinics.

The following events were organised by the FEBS Working Group on Teaching Biochemistry:

2006 Istambul

  • Workshop on New approaches to post-graduate education.
  • Workshop on How to write successful research grants.
  • Computer lab on Database searching.

2005 Budapest

  • Workshop on Laboratory practicals.

2004 Warsaw

  • Workshop on Problem-based learning.

2002 Istambul

  • Symposium on Virtual learning.
  • Computer lab activity on virtual learning.

About the FEBS Education Committee

Documents (restricted)

A short history

The FEBS Education Committee has its roots in FEBS Working Group on Teaching Biochemistry, which was founded in 2001 by Prof. Jean Wallach (Lyon, France). Between 2001 and 2006, it was active in promoting educational events at yearly FEBS Congresses. In the Council Meeting held in Istanbul in 2006, the Group was converted to FEBS Education Committee, with Prof. Edward Wood (Leeds, UK) as the founding Chair. Prof. Gül Güner Akdogan (Izmir, Turkey) took over following the sad loss of Ed Wood in December 2008. She was elected as Chair of the Committee at the Council Meeting held in Prague in 2009, and re-elected for subsequent terms in Seville, 2012, and Berlin, 2015.

In addition to arranging education events at the annual FEBS Congress, since 2008 the FEBS Education Committee has organized biochemistry and molecular biology education workshops throughout the FEBS area.

FEBS News special issue in memory of Ed Wood:pdf

Members of the FEBS Education Committee

  • Prof. Ferhan Sağın — Izmir, Turkey
  • Prof. László Dux — Szeged, Hungary
  • Prof. Luciane V. Mello — Liverpool, UK
  • Prof. Jason Perret — Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Prof. Jean-Luc Souciet — Strasbourg, France
  • Prof. Néstor V. Torres — Tenerife, Spain
Co-opted members:
  • Dr. Keith Elliott — UK
  • Prof. Winnie Eskild — Oslo, Norway
  • Prof. Angel Herráez — Alcalá de Henares, Spain
Ex-officio members:
  • Prof. Václav Pačes (FEBS Secretary General)
  • Prof. Frank Michelangeli (FEBS Treasurer)
  • Prof. Beata Vertessy (Chair of FEBS Advanced Courses Committee)
  • Prof. Jerka Dumić (Chair of FEBS Working Group for Integration)

Past members:

  • Karmela Barišić — Croatia
  • Miguel Castanho — Portugal
  • Costas Drainas — Greece
  • Gül Güner-Akdoğan — Turkey
    (Chair, 2009 to 2018)
  • Frank Michelangeli — UK
  • Wolfgang Nellen — Germany
  • Peter Ott — Switzerland
  • Tomáš Zima — Czechia
  • Ed Wood — UK

Reports, resources and enquiries

The work of the FEBS Education Committee is reported to FEBS Council and in the Education Committee appendix of the FEBS Annual Report. Occasional reports also appear in FEBS News.

  • Annual reportslink
  • The history of educational activities in the book celebrating the 50th Anniversary of FEBS: pdf

Resources from FEBS Education events are posted in this site you are visiting now.

For all enquiries on education events, please contact Ferhan Sağın, Chair, FEBS Education Committee, via the icon below.



Prof. Ferhan Sağın — Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey.

Educational activities in constituent societies

(...) Information is welcome here. Please, email it to webmaster (link at bottom-left of this page).

info2015, Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM): a Workshop on innovation in biochemistry and molecular biology education will be held within the congress, on 8 Sep., with posters and oral presentations. Congress website.

Openly available materials

Please, note that specific materials provided for attendants to workshops or courses may be accessed from the respective workshop section.

This section is planned to collect materials freely accessible to anyone. We are seeking to prepare a collection of pointers to resources and materials that are of educational value for the community of students and instructors of biomolecular sciences.

at workEducation resources, freely available

Enter the repository of resources:enter (just a draft yet)
If you know of an existing resource and would like to propose it for inclusion here, please submit the details using this formform

notepadWish list

If you want to suggest a resource that you wish would be developed, your ideas are welcome (though we cannot assure it will actually be produced, we can share the proposal) — please, with a detailed suggestion.