FEBS Education Platform

Izmir workshops on molecular life sciences education, research and career skills

Izmir, Turkey

5-6 Sept. 2018

FEBS Izmir Workshop on Molecular Life Sciences Education, “Training Tomorrow's Scientists”

FEBS Education Committee:

  • Jean-Luc Souciet (France), Laszlo Dux (Hungary), Ferhan Sagin (Turkey), Jason Perret (Belgium), Winnie Eskild (Norway), Luciane V. Mello (UK), Keith Elliott (UK), Angel Herráez (Spain) and Gül Güner-Akdoğan (Chair) (Turkey)

FEBS Honorary Secretary General: Israel Pecht

FEBS Executive Committee Members (attending) :

  • Nazmi Ozer, Beata Vertessy, Jerka Dumić, Miguel A. de la Rosa and Emmanouil Fragkoulis

With kind support of

  • Tomáš Zima — Past Chair of FEBS and Rector of Charles University
  • Félix M. Goñi (pending) — Basque Centre for Biophysics, Spain
  • Hakan Abacıoğlu — Dean of School of Medicine, Izmir University of Economics
  • Doğan Yücel — President of Turkish Biochemical Society

Workshop coordinator:

  • Ali Burak Özkaya — Ass. Prof., School of Medicine, Izmir University of Economics

Workshop co-chairs:

  • Ferhan Sağın — Vice-President of Turkish Biochemical Society
  • Gül Akdogan Güner — Director of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, Izmir University of Economics


5 September 2018, 9:30 - 18:30 h

  • Opening
  • Session 1: Novel educational strategies and methods
    • Introduction
    • Establishing a new educational culture — Hakan Abacıoğlu
    • Flipped classrom — Jeremy Pritchard
    • Team-based learning — Ferhan Sağın
    • Interactive teaching (engaging students) in large classes — Jason Perret
  • Small group discussions
    two rounds, each person in 2 out of 3 groups:
    1. Flipped classroom
    2. Team-based learning
    3. Large classes
  • Poster viewing
  • Session 2: Graduate education (MSc and PhD training)
    • Introduction
    • MSc studies in health sciences in Europe — Winnie Eskild
    • PhD training: new prospects — Gül Güner
    • Transferable skills — Luciane V. Mello
    • Good supervision for good research — Hakan Orer
  • Small group discussions
    two rounds, each person in 2 out of 4 groups:
    1. MSc studies
    2. PhD training
    3. Transferable skills
    4. Good supervision

6 September 2018, 9:00 - 18:00 h

  • Short presentations from selected posters
  • Session 3: Using electronic technologies in education
    • e-Med activities in Charles University, Prague — Tomáš Zima
    • e-Med in Izmir University of Economics — Ali Burak Özkaya
    • Virtual laboratory — Angel Herráez
    • Using Proteopedia — Angel Herráez
  • Small group discussions
    two rounds, each person in 2 out of 4 groups:
    1. e-Med Prague
    2. e-Med IEU
    4. Proteopedia
  • Poster viewing
  • Session 4: Excellence in education, excellence in research
    • Science policy in Europe — Emmanouil Frakgoulis
    • A research training center model: Weizmann Institute — Israel Pecht
    • Research ethics — Jean-Luc Souciet
    • Joint research with the industry — Jerka Dumić
  • Panel discussion
  • Poster awards, feedback and close

7 Sept. 2018

Izmir Research and Career Skills Workshop for Young Scientists
(Supported by IUBMB)

The main aim of this event is to help the development of research and career skills of young scientists. The event will specifically focus on transferable skills including CV preparation, writing research proposals and scientific articles, as well as the use of electronic tools to support career development. The targeted participant profile for the event includes MSc and PhD students as well as post-docs and junior/senior faculty members working in the field of life sciences and medicine with a focus on biochemistry and molecular biology. The reason we are also targeting the faculty is to provide them with a model programme on “how to train young scientists for these skills”. The event will take place right after “FEBS workshop on molecular life sciences education” and participants of either event will be encouraged to join both. The proposed event will consist of two distinct parts: presentation sessions and discussion sessions. In the presentation part, speakers will give the outline of the topic and will present useful career tips and tricks, and hints regarding what to discuss in round table sessions. In the discussion part, participants will have the chance to discuss career-related questions or problems with experts of the field. Upon completing the workshop, participants are expected to;

  • Have a better understanding of career requirements of academia and industry after PhD training, and opportunities PhD students may have to be prepared for either career path.
  • Be able to prepare a lean and to the point CV specifically designed either for academia or industry.
  • Explain key points and important tips of scientific article publishing and writing research proposals.
  • Remember how to access software and websites, which may be used to build an online scientific profile or enhance preparation of research proposals, publications, CVs and presentations.
  • Apply the main principles of the transferable skills training in training their students (specially for junior/senior faculty).

The event programme is structured in such a way that each speaker will have the opportunity to interact in a smaller group of interested young scientists around a round table. Young scientists will have the opportunity to discuss issues of importance to them with the appropriate speaker.


7 September 2018, 9:00 - 16:30 h

Session 1: Presentations

  • Post-graduate academic path tips for young scientists — Beata G. Vertessy
  • Post-graduate industrial path tips for young scientists — Jerka Dumić
  • CV preparation — Keith Elliott
  • How to write and publish a scientific article — Félix M. Goñi (pending confirmation)
  • How to write a research proposal — Miguel A. de la Rosa
  • Post-graduate electronic tools of trade — Ali Burak Özkaya and Merve Evren

Session 2: Round table discussions

  1. Academic path
  2. Industrial path
  3. Publication process
  4. Research proposal
  5. CV preparation
  6. eTools of trade