FEBS Education Platform

FEBS Congress 2021

The 45th FEBS Congress, “Molecules of life: Towards new horizons”

Online event, 3–8 July 2021

Congress website:website

Abstracts are available in FEBS Open Bio Volume 11, Issue S1 website

FEBS Education Plenary Lecture

Tuesday, 6 July, 14:30 to 15:30

Why science education is more important than most scientists think
Bruce Alberts — (UCSF, USA)

FEBS/IUBMB Special Session on Education 1: “Learning and the brain: Translating the science of learning to educational practice”

Tuesday, 6 July, 16:00 to 18:00

Co-organized by the FEBS and IUBMB Education Committees

Chaired by Ferhan Sağın (Turkey) and Angel Herráez (Spain)

FEBS Research and Careers Skills Workshop: Networking for scientists: reasons, reservations, reinventions 

Tuesday, 6 July, 18:15 to 19:15

Organized by the FEBS Network Working Group.

Following popular sessions at 2018 and 2019 FEBS Congress, this workshop looks again at the value of networking for scientists and a range of networking approaches for different aims, such as finding a collaborator or seeking a new academic position.

Note: for technical reasons, attendance is limited to 100 participants. No previous registration is needed.

FEBS/IUBMB Special Session on Education 2: “You should... I should… - Let's clarify the roles and responsibilities in PhD education”

Wednesday, 7 July, 16:30 to 18:30

Co-organized by the FEBS and IUBMB Education Committees

Chaired by Jerka Dumić (Croatia) and Jason Perret (Belgium)

Posters on education, training, and career planning in molecular life sciences (E-01,02)

P-E-01 and P-LBE-01 series have the topic: Educational technology and e-learning
P-E-02 and P-LBE-02 series have the topic: Innovations and good practices
SpT is a speed talk

The Effect of Portfolios on Medical Students’ Academic Achievement and Attitudes toward Endocrine Distruptors Course
R. Semsi , M. Selvi, A.Ç. Günal , A. Sepici Dinçel

Remote teaching for small project-based classes: case reports
O. Tarasov, L. Danilov, S. Bondarev

A guideline for 3D printing of macromolecular models on the cheap
M. Mihasan

Combining spaced learning and team-based learning to promote students motivation, involvement and satisfaction – a pilot study
M. Fardilha, F. Ribeiro, M. Rodrigues, V. Carlos

An approach to scientific dissemination: from the academic laboratory to the society
F.G. Guevara Acosta, S. Baldanta, J. Navarro-Llorens

Boosting the learning of Biotechnology by Concept-based teaching
K. Wegrzyn, R. Czajkowski, S. Jafra, P. Koszalka, A. Lipinska, S. Oldziej, W. Zmudzinska

Molecular laboratory techniques used in research and medical practice: applied training course pre-test/post-test evaluation results
R. Semsi, A. Sepici Dincel

A congress as a motivating experience for learning of undergraduates
I.D. Roman, A. Domingo, C. Menor, A.M. Bajo

Bringing a well-run lab book back into focus: experience from the education workshop
N. Sincic, M. Dulic, I. Stuparevic, J. Dumic

Important note! On a single registration fee, you will be allowed to present one education communication in addition to your regular research communication.