FEBS Education Platform

FEBS Congress 2020

The 45th FEBS Congress, “Molecules of life: Towards new horizons”

Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 4–9 July 2020

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FEBS/IUBMB Special Session on Education 1: “Learning and the brain: Translating the science of learning to educational practice”

Tuesday, 7 July, 16:00 to 18:00

Co-organized by the FEBS and IUBMB Education Committees

Cognitive science research on learning and instruction is often not directly connected to classroom practices. In an effort to narrow this gap, this session will highlight recent research on learning principles, such as active retrieval, spaced learning, and dual coding, and discuss how this research can be translated to educational practice. For example, even though re-reading gives students a false impression that they know the test material, cognitive science research suggests that active retrieval, rather than re-reading, leads to better learning outcomes. In this session, we will discuss both the opportunities and the challenges in implementing this research in undergraduate life science classrooms.

FEBS Networking Workshop

Tuesday, 7 July, 18:00 to 19:00

Organized by the FEBS Network Working Group.

Following popular sessions at 2018 and 2019 FEBS Congress, this workshop looks again at the value of networking for scientists and a range of networking approaches for different aims, such as finding a collaborator or seeking a new academic position.

(More details will follow in due course)

FEBS/IUBMB Special Session on Education 2: “You should…. I should… - Let's clarify the roles and responsibilities in PhD education”

Wednesday, 8 July, 16:30 to 18:30

Co-organized by the FEBS and IUBMB Education Committees

Improving the communication between all sides and setting the expectations, roles and responsibilities are clearly the key elements for a better PhD education. In this session, we will provide an open forum to listen to both sides of the story with the hope to improve the communication between the supervisors and students. The session will focus on the roles and responsibilities, stress the areas of agreement and disagreement and propose suggestions for a better graduate education.

Posters on education, training, and career planning in molecular life sciences